A child was asked whether he liked radio or television best.
The boy said radio, because the pictures were better.
Jack Gilbert

Program Samples

CKUA - The Road Home
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The Road Home 1173 Feb, 2015 (mp3 audio file.
The Road Home is available for anytime listening at
CBC - Ideas documentaries
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Amor vs Roma Pt 1 (mp3 audio,
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Amor vs Roma Pt 2 (mp3 audio,
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The Last Bohemian – Lawrence Ferlinghetti (mp3 audio,
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The Yin and Yang of Alan Watts (mp3 audio,
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Hafiz and Bob (mp3 audio,
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Celebrating the Genius of Leonard Cohen on THE ROAD HOME (mp3 audio, WWW.ROADHOME.FM)
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The two-hour tribute to ‘the patron-saint’ of The Road Home program: Mary Oliver (1935-2019), winner of the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award. CKUA Radio, - May 12, 2019.